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About the Author

Click After years of writing in the world of fact analysis, the day came when I could no longer resist the call to  write my favorite kind of story: a riveting thriller. So I jumped in.

A bit too fast, as it turned out; my first novel suffered from New Writer Syndrome and is very appropriately on the shelf. That said, Any Given Tuesday was the perfect segway to the amazing story of the Stone of Destiny, the ancient throne of Scottish kings. This artifact is chock full of surprises. For example, I'm quite convinced that the one on display at the Castle of Edinburgh is a substitute and the original is hidden elsewhere. It's been a total blast spinning a yarn about that. My novel is now being sent to potential agents, so wish me luck in finding someone to share the fun.

If you look in my photo gallery, you'll find some pictures taken in Scotland of places that are featured in Stone of Destiny, along with some pictures from North Korea, where part of Any Given Tuesday takes place. Yes, I had an awesome research trip to Scotland. No, I didn't venture into North Korea for fear that my research would be a bit too "prolonged."

I'm been learning lots of things in this whole process of getting to my second novel. One was how to really milk Writer's Block and get nothing done. As luck would have it, I'm a certified yoga teacher: Vinyasa Flow. So I developed a yoga program designed to unleash my creativity. Guinea Pig here can tell you that is exactly how I went from being in a quagmire to finishing Stone of Destiny. If the stars align, I may offer ReSource Yoga to other writers.

As for other things I'm into, I'm a live wire who has trouble sitting in front of my computer for very long without getting up to go DO something. I'm passionate about the outdoors and enjoy hiking, rock climbing, ocean sailing, scuba diving, back packing and snow skiing. I also play an unremarkable game of tennis.