D. Pat Thomas

Writer, Yoga Teacher, Lover of Things Outdoors

About the Author

To help you figure out whether my writing fits your taste, I would describe it as action oriented, yes with instances of violence,  geared to an educated reader who likes history, geography or the like, exploring human personalities and relationships, with nuanced sexuality and often bordering on the mystical in an open-ended sort of way. It's rather hard to describe, because I've written anything from children's stories to horror. For the most part, mysteries and thrillers are magnetic to me, so that's what I read and write. Since I'm educated as an attorney, my research tends to get into the weeds and I don't venture too far from the factually provable, but am certainly not dogged about it.

Another passion of mine is yoga. Figure this one out: I studied Hatha yoga for about 18 years, am certified in Vinyasa, am 3/4 of the way through Kripalu 500-hr training and usually practice Anusura yoga when I go to a class. I would describe my classes as contemplative and stretchy, and I like to play a drum during savasana. Obviously, I am not an adherent of singular ways of doing things. How do I jive the serenity of yoga with writing violent thrillers? Writing is about real life up close, in your face, while practicing yoga is taking time to go up on the balcony and look down at life from altitude. Each has its place.

As for other things I'm into, I'm a live wire who has trouble sitting in front of my computer terribly long before getting up to go DO something. I'm passionate about the outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, ocean sailing, scuba diving and snow skiing.