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Sand Hill Cranes

Posted by Pat on May 2, 2022 at 1:15 PM

The Sand Hill Cranes have come back for summer, and what a delight. They migrate here in early spring and stay until fall, parading the golf course twice a day on the same route. Our neighbor puts out bird seed (not sure if that's kosher), so they typically stop for a snack right out the back. They mate for life, travel as a couple and dance. Yes. One lifts the left leg, then the mate copies. Put that leg down and spread the right wing. Ditto. Now the rght let, left wing and so on. Absolutely adorable. Their squawk is prehistoric, like from another planet. When it comes time to fly, they need a long, long runway to take off with such a big body. They've started laying eggs, so hopefully, we'll get to see little ones wobbling along on those impossibly long legs.

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