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Pondering Humanity

Posted by Pat on August 22, 2022 at 1:20 PM

Am fresh back from visits to Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy and France. It was as unexpected a trip as it was incredible. Our guide in Ephesus was an archeologist who went about the museum pointing to statues and sarcophagi, telling us when and how he found them. Then we went on site. At one point I asked him what was the the oldest artifact he had ever found there. He said it was pottery, carbon dated to 6,000 BC. Can you just imagine? People were making pottery over 8,000 years ago. What were they like? Has humanity made progress since then? Obviously yes, when it comes to medicine and agriculture, for example. But as a species, are we better people? As each civiization replaced the next, it pirated what it considered useful and tossed the rest. Over and over. Do you think our self destructive nature will be our downfall? Or do you believe that the inherent beauty of the human soul will carry us forward? History is just so thought provoking.

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