D. Pat Thomas

Writer, Yoga Teacher, Lover of Things Outdoors

                                      Re-Source Yoga

For over 5,000 years, yoga has helped people stay focused, courageous, patient, energized and open. As a yoga teacher, it should have been obvious to me how incredibly valuable this would be to writers. But it wasn't until I was mired in the quicksand of writer's block that I realized what a valuable tool yoga can be.

We all have an inner censor, that little voice that whispers "You can't do this, it's beyond you, you're out of your league." But we also have a wise inner teacher whose guidance on how to "do this" is often drowned out by fear and negativity.

The positions we learn in yoga are more than physical stretches. The practice is to join the body to the mind: have a physical experience that will be absorbed by the mind. So when we go into warrior pose, we put some courage into it . When we do balancing exercises, our outlook becomes more balanced as well. Sometimes we stay in positions past the point where it's easy, so we live out what it is to be patient. Exercises to increase breathing and oxygen intake or to bring blood and nutrients to the brain overcome fatigue and stimulate the mind. Targeted meditations open us up to the wisdom of what we already know.

Yoga offers a rich array of resources to the artist; my job is to identify and consolidate the positions and exercises that most stimulate the creative spirit. Breathing, stretching, holding, seeing the way. Patience, courage, strength, flexibility, focus. Opening up on multiple levels. There are some yoga pictures in the Photo Gallery. Snag me at the next conference; I'm more than willing to show you what I'm talking about.